April Johnson
aprilbio3April began learning tribal bellydance from the Fat Chance Belly Dance® video series in 1999, based almost entirely on the word “fat” in the troupe’s name. She immediately fell for the dignity, camaraderie and beauty of the form, and not knowing there were different styles of bellydance, started studying with folkloric & Egyptian cabaret teacher Lucy Smith.

Stealing inspiration and knowledge from neighboring tribal communities, April brought To the Earth together in 2005. She got her FCBD® General Skills Certification in 2007 and started studying Balla Guerra in 2010.

April has worked in the theatre since she was wee, and practices Circular Strength Training, a health-first approach to movement and fitness. In her “spare” time, she plays the ukulele and the harp, both of which she is really quite bad at. If you look closely, you can see all that reflected in her dance (except, she hopes, for the “quite bad” part).

Die Coughlin
diebio2To paraphrase Henry Rollins quoting Paul, the homeless dude outside the pet shop, “I always wanted to be a dancer, but I could never get the shit off my shoes.” You can take your shoes OFF to belly dance!

Die has five cats, one Dave, and two personalities. She is 25% vampire, and “K” is her favorite letter of the alphabet. She boasts of having the largest tassels of anyone in To The Earth. Die joined the tribe in fall 2006. In addition to her officely work, Die names our original songs (things like “Neverending Ferret” and “Icarus Wax Torture”).

Founders & Alumni
members of To the Earth, ca. 2005
To the Earth’s membership has changed many times in the 7ish years we’ve been around. Founding members of TTE in 2005 (mostly pictured here) were: Tara, Brett, Katrina, Wes, Shy, Russell, Nikki, Erica, Joan, Dvora, April and Juniper.